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Anonymous said: people think beyonce is full of shit is because like over a thousand women died making her new bikini line in a fucking H&M sweatshop when it collapsed and she didn't mention it, not once, nor give any money towards their families, Nor did she compensate.. And she's supposed to be a fucking feminist? don't get sucked into the bullshit and the big words she uses to empower women when underneath all that its probably just a big PR stunt to make her more popular and make more people buy her records

Lol okay. Do me a favor, please. Before you come at me with any bullshit like this, please make sure you have your shit in order and your facts correct because otherwise you are wasting my time. And to be perfectly clear, you are wasting my time right now. Let’s take a moment right now to assess the facts (facts, mind you, that you would know yourself if you did half a minute of any sort of research or fact-checking before deciding to blast my inbox like you know everything):

I’m assuming the “sweatshop collapse” that you are referring to is the one in Bangladesh, since that’s the only really notable one that people know about in the past couple years. Now, it’s true that this was a horrible tragedy, and yes, more than 1,100 people were killed. But there are a few things that you should know:

1.) Firstly, not all of the workers killed were women. More than 50% were female workers, but “like over a thousand women” didn’t die.

2.) Calling it “an H&M sweatshop” is a 100%, complete, outright misrepresentation of the facts. It is a lie. As I said before, know your facts before trying to come at someone please. H&M wasn’t one of the companies that had a contract with the building. They weren’t even involved.

3.) Here’s the REAL kicker though: not only were they not involved, but after the incident, H&M joined 29 other international companies in a 3 BILLION dollar fund to improve working conditions in Bangladesh factories. And NOT ONLY THAT, but H&M themselves pledged to pay living wages to over 800,000 workers, with the policy spreading to all of their locations and workers by the year 2018. Now, I know that H&M has had its share of accusations and controversies, and is by no means a perfect corporation, (I mean let’s be honest is there even such a thing) but I think it’s a damn good step in the right direction for them as well as other companies.

Okay, but your original question (and the post that caused it) was about Beyoncé, so now that we’re done talking about H&M (whose character I really have no desire to defend anyway), let’s talk about her. Because there are several things you need to know about her, as well:

1.) First let’s talk about her involvement with H&M. To be perfectly clear, I do think it’s problematic that she chose to be involved with a company with so many accusations of unsuitable conditions for female workers. We agree on that much. It baffled me from the very beginning. I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé, but please don’t think I’m the type of person that blindly pledges allegiance and loyalty to someone no matter what they do. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I automatically support everything she does.

2.) There are many companies (i.e. K-mart, Walmart, Target) that have been involved in sweatshop and working conditions controversies (many of them in Bangladesh, just like the 2013 factory collapse (and oh! surprise surprise! Walmart, Sears, and SEVERAL other American companies *not including H&M*, were found to have contracts with the factory). And there are MANY celebrities involved with these companies (side eye at Adam Levine cough cough) so where are you yelling and screaming about them? And when it comes to the female celebrities involved with these companies (side eye at Sofia Vergara cough cough) where are you attacking their feminism? Hm?

But whatever. That’s not even the most angering thing about this question. That’s not even the worst part about your statement. You want to know what is? The WORST part about what you’re saying is this right here:

"And she’s supposed to be a fucking feminist? don’t get sucked into the bullshit and the big words she uses to empower women when underneath all that its probably just a big PR stunt to make her more popular and make more people buy her records"

If you think the only thing Beyoncé has used is big words and PR stunts to empower women, then it is abundantly clear that you not only know nothing about Beyoncé as an artist, but that you don’t know anything about who she is or what she does at all.

Beyoncé is a HUGE philanthropist. Fun fact: not all celebrities do big huge public televised “good deeds” just for attention. Even funner fact: when the philanthropy is quiet and humble, that’s how you know it’s genuine. Let’s take a adventure down the road of Beyoncé’s philanthropy. And while you look at these examples, keep in MIND that these are ones we know about, and there are probably many more. But here we go (I have done you the favor of bolding in this list what was done for women):

  • She and Kelly Rowland starting a victim housing program for Katrina victims in 2005 and Beyoncé donated an additional quarter million dollars from her own pocket
  • Beyoncé co-founded the  “Chime For Change” campaign which promotes and spreads female empowerment through education and justice. She also performed at the event and donated HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to the cause.
  • Those are just a couple of examples, but if you want to know more, here is a website claiming to have all of Beyoncé’s charitable causes listed

But would you like to know one of the coolest, most amazing things about her, at least in my opinion?

To me, one of the things that makes Mrs. Knowles-Carter such an awesome woman and such a huge a statement of girl power is this:

She is unapologetically, undeniably, and indisputably not only the queen but the KING of the industry tight now. There is no one that seems to even come close to her level of star power and influence right now. And “star power” and “notoriety” might seem like trivial and unimportant things, but guess what? They aren’t. They are very important and very powerful. Beyoncé has a voice. And I’m not talking about her singing. I mean that when she speaks, whether through her songs or any other medium, people shut the hell up and they listen. When you have a voice that powerful and that reaches so many people, you make a choice about what to do with that voice. And one of the things Bey has chosen to do with hers is to empower women and celebrate female independence. And if you don’t think that’s one of the most amazing and badass things you have ever seen then you need to get out.

There are so many shitty white women out in the public eye calling themselves being feminist icons and being revered by America while actually doing so much harm. *Looking at you, Lily Allen and Tina Fey*. And yet whenever I look at the headlines, whenever I see someone’s feminism or character being attacked, it’s Beyoncé’s, and it’s being done by ignorant, uninformed, salty ass people like you. Here’s what’s really going on: this country absolutely HATES to see a strong woman of color on top. Because let’s be honest here, it doesn’t matter what she does or how far she goes with her feminism, nothing Beyoncé ever does will be good enough to satisfy people like you.

Beyoncé’s On The Run tour airs on HBO at 9 p.m. tonight and I have waited entirely too fucking long for this and I am entirely too excited to let some misdirected asshole catch themselves coming into MY damn inbox spewing some untrue “facts” and utter bullshit to me. So anyone who wants to act a fool can catch my left leg across their throat because I am not here for this nonsense. Now if you will excuse me from this shitstorm of ignorance I need to go put on my surfboardt sweatshirt and prepare for my edges to be snatched by the queen.


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